Refer Clients & Earn Cash

Protect your sales & get a referral fee.

How Our Referral Program Works

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1. Start the Process

Simply give us your client's information and we'll do the rest. Let them know we'll be calling to review the options.

2. We Start Working

We'll speak to the client and walk through the various options available.

3. We Pay You

You'll earn a commission (25% of the first month's rent) for every successful referral.


Why Refer Clients to EFS?

Don't Give Up Your Clients

If you haven't found the right buyer just yet, don't give up on a potential sale. Refer your client to our team and we'll handle their property management until you make the sale. Win-win.

Keep Yourself Protected

Don't offer advice on complicated topics like Section 8 guidelines, REAP, SCEP and city registration and open yourself up to potential liability. Let our team provide your client with expert advice.

We Write Foolproof Contracts

Feel nervous about referring your clients? We create written contracts for all of our referral partners, clearly outlining the expectations and responsibilities of both parties.

Your Reputation is Safe with Us

Building a good reputation takes years of hard work. By partnering with the EFS Property Management team, you won't be putting yourself at risk. We'll work had to keep your clients happy and you'll look fantastic.

Earn Commissions for Referrals

Successful referrals will net you a fee; earn 25% of the first month's rent for each client. And best of all, there is no limit to how much you can earn. Protect your sales commissions and boost your income with a referral fee.

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Sample Numbers

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